Alex Wasily

stop playing, start performing

with a passion for life, art, the hang, and the pursuit of unity through music, alex wasily has made a standout approach to music that can be attributed to his unique unyielding optimism and positive outlook on what most would consider a wild way to live. #foreverhang

who the hell is alex wasily?

he goes by many names. a-waz. waz. my dawg. ya boy. the forever hang. Egyptian born, American raised, all soul, and all hang. alex was born in alexandria, egypt and raised in savannah, georgia. performing music is alex's way of taking you out of what may have been a depressing day and into what might be the wildest night of your life.

alex regularly performs and tours the world with Dumpstaphunk. in Chicago and the midwest he performs with Pocket Radio, J-Livi & The Party, The Larry King Orchestra and leads his own band twice a year at a warehouse funk series he just calls "funk parties."

Alex has performed, toured or recorded with:

  • The Isley Brothers

  • Dumpstaphunk

  • Ivan Neville

  • Ian Neville

  • Bob Weir

  • Carlos Santana

  • Greg Errico

  • Jerry Harrison

  • Benny Golson

  • Calvin Rodgers

  • Isaiah Sharkey

  • Nick Daniels III

  • Tony Hall

  • Alvin Ford Jr.

  • Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews

  • Nigel Hall

  • Antibalas

  • Steel Pulse

  • George Porter Jr.

  • Maurice Brown

  • Chris Rob

  • Adam Deitch

  • Maurice Fitzgerald

  • Chali 2na

  • Joel Cummins

  • Robert Randolph

  • Nikki Glaspie

  • Jeff Hamilton

  • Marquis Hill

  • Jennifer Hartswick

  • Mike “Maz” Maher

  • Lukas Nelson

  • Ryan Zoidis

  • Eric "Benny" Bloom

  • Skerik

  • Greg Boyer

  • Phil Woods

  • Jimmy Heath

  • Donald Harrison, Jr.

  • Eric Krasno

  • Braxton Cook

  • Chris Turner

  • Stanton Moore

  • Dr. Klaw

  • 2 Live Crew

  • Saba

  • Lukas Nelson

  • Lil Jon

  • Nelly

  • Gerard Fowler

  • Garrett Sayers

  • Dave Watts

  • Alanna Royale

  • Parris Fleming

  • Eryn Allen Kane

  • Chris Siebold

  • Sharay Reed

  • Khari Parker

  • Marques Carroll

  • John Blasucci

  • Larry King

  • Terrible Spaceship

  • Bumpus

  • Dev Trusclair

  • Victor Garcia

  • Parris Fleming

  • Ivan Pyzow

  • Chris Jacobs

  • Brady Blade

  • Dragon Smoke

  • Marqueal Jordan

  • John Staten

  • Sidewalk Chalk

  • Pho

besides performing live music, a-waz is also a skilled composer and arranger and is also known for his professional grade written music and charts. for more information, click the contact tab above to reach out to him for his services.

alex has a thing for throwing parties too. google 'alex wasily’s funk party 15.' go ahead, he'll wait for you here to check it out.

alex currently splits his time between Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans but really he likes to consider his home as either Chicago Midway Airport (#foreverairport), MSY, LAX, the delta sky lounge in concourse A at hartsfield-jackson airport in Atlanta or a bar called lincoln station (#foreverhang) in chicago. waz is a slave to the hang and the hang is real - catch him sometime soon, he’s active on social media.

he studied at DePaul University and has his bachelor’s degree in jazz studies where he studied with Tim Coffman, Charlie Vernon, Mark Fisher, Kelly Sill, Bob Lark, Bob Palmieri, Ron Perillo, Mark Colby, Kirk Garrison, Cliff Colnot, Michael Lewanski, and Erica Neidlinger.

alex is an AMT (Applied Microphone Technology) artist, plays an AR Ressonance mouthpiece, and currently rocks a vintage King2B Liberty trombone.


photo credit, Nicole Bitonti